Sanitation Specialists

We are the innovators for this generation of food processing plant sanitation experts.



Sanitation Specialists began with a family-owned janitorial company, Ameri-Kleen, and an idea from our first sanitation customer. In theory the concept was simple enough, our janitorial crews worked nights and a local processing plant was interested in us performing their sanitation during nights. They would help train our staff and we would become experts in sanitation/food safety. 

As our Chairman of the Board, Steve Meyers, and his son, Brett Meyers (the current President of our company) pondered the idea of a sanitation division they realized their offices sat in the heart of many farms of Watsonville, CA and just outside the “Salad Bowl” of the Salinas Valley. Realizing their strategic location, in 1997 that idea was put in motion and that original processing plant is still a loyal customer of Sanitation Specialists today!

1968 Ameri-Kleen was founded as a janitorial service by the Meyers’ family. Ameri-Kleen continues to serve the Central Coast of California today and when coupled with Sanitation Specialists becomes a “full service” provider to our food processing plant customers as we can offer both sanitation and janitorial services.

1989 The bag salad “revolution” was born which created a special need for sanitation/food safety as produce was now going from packaging in the plant to your plate. This created even more of a need for experts in the area of sanitation, as sanitors focused on their core competency (sanitation) it allowed production to focus on theirs without worry.

1997 Sanitation Specialists is formed as a division of Ameri-Kleen with three sanitation employees.

2002 Sanitation Specialists grew our territory south with the opening of our Arroyo Grande, CA office with coverage from Paso Robles, CA to Santa Maria, CA.

2005 As Sanitation Specialists grew, so did our product range. With our humble beginnings in leafy greens, 2005 saw our first non-leafy green customer.

2007 Saw Sanitation Specialists expand our services even more by picking up our first Frozen Food Plant.

Summer 2007 Sanitation Specialists opened our Yuma, AZ office although we had been productively serving western Arizona since 2004. 

2009 Sanitation Specialists became a national power by opening our east coast office with service to the eastern United States.

2012 Sanitation Specialists opened our Oxnard, CA offices following the successes of servicing customers in that area since 2008.

2013 Saw even more growth as Sanitation Specialists began service in the juice industry.

From modest beginnings in the Central Coast of California, Sanitation Specialists has grown from three sanitors in 1997 toward a territory that ranges from coast to coast today.

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