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We are the innovators for this generation of food processing plant sanitation experts.


Sanitation Specialists provides sanitation services across the United States to the food processing industry. We realize that every product, facility, and budget is different so we will create a customized sanitation program that suits your specific needs. 

Our service includes the recruitment and training of our labor force. Sanitation Specialists will create sanitation documentation and updates to keep your facility audit ready. We provide computer generated "Daily Recaps" that will monitor water usage, problem areas, work performed, and results from swabbed areas as well as easily readable graphs that provide visibility to any trends occurring. Sanitation Specialists will create and maintain a master sanitation program to keep your facility clean. As part of our service we will also participate in third party and internal audits to keep your plant operations running smoothly. 

Upon request, Sanitation Specialists will also recommend chemical vendors to suit your needs or we will maintain your current chemical program with all required SDS forms and documentation. Sanitation Specialists will allow you to sleep soundly at night as we reduce health risks, reduce labor burden, and reduce audit anxiety for your sanitation program!


Food safety is a major priority for Sanitation Specialists, as we all have an obligation to reduce health risks to the consumer. Our sanitation experts will create a program specifically designed for you to reduce the health risks of your customers. The Sanitation Specialists team will assess, design, and implement proper sanitation procedures for your plant. 

At the end of the production shift(s), our trained staff will assume responsibility to clean and sanitize your facility preparing it for the following day of production. Our supervisors will inspect the work of our crew and assist your staff during the Pre-Op process. Our goal is to receive the “golden handshake” as you resume production following a passing Pre-Op inspection. There are no shortcuts when it comes to the health of your customers! Sanitation Specialists are experts in turn-key sanitation and contracting our services will enable you to focus on your core competencies.


In speaking with food processing professionals, we find that their sanitation labor force and the added work it creates is substantial. The Sanitation Specialists team will assume the burden of recruiting new employees, the hiring process, training, payroll, etc. for your sanitation needs. Our goal is to remove your staff from behind that pile of paperwork and replace it with a flat cost for sanitation. 

As part of our service, we have the professionals in place for Human Resources, payroll processing, Health & Safety training as well as managing the labor force for your sanitation program. Our committed Human Resources staff consistently recruits qualified and authorized employees to work at Sanitation Specialists. Our accounting team will assume the payroll, worker's compensation and the many other accounting needs of a sanitation program. Our Health & Safety team assumes responsibility for not only avoiding potential hazards in the workplace, but continually educates our employees on the best safety practices to keep them safe and happy. Methods such as the Alchemy training system enables us to consistently improve upon our safety record each and every day.

Sanitation Specialists also has experienced supervisors and managers to direct the day to day responsibilities of our employees. They will also serve as your liaison to communications or questions you may have about your account. We will reduce your labor burden and help you maintain focus on your core competencies while we focus on ours, sanitation!


As food safety guidelines become stricter, your customers' health is at the forefront of our operations and we have the documentation to prove it! We will create or update all Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs) and Master Sanitation documentation that is required by your facility or any third party auditor. While our documentation surpasses most auditor's needs, our ultimate goal of keeping your customers safe is the driving force behind our commitments.

Sanitation Specialists currently services facilities with multiple GFSI auditing bases. These audits include SQF 2000, BRC, FSIS ISO 22000, and many more industry specific audits. Since each job is different, we will review or create your SSOPs to assure you are up to date on all documentation. Our Master Sanitation programs will also be customized for your requirements and that of your facility. Our experts will create a Master Sanitation Schedule to suit your facility that will be monitored through the use of our sanitation technology. 

Our Master Sanitation service will give your entire facility a thorough cleaning as well as uphold the proper sanitation of drains, walls, ceilings, etc. This entire service will be documented and available for inspection by third party auditors with an on-site hard copy as well as electronic versions available 24/7 via our customer internet portal. We will assist you in complete compliance of your regulations and those of your auditors. You will sleep better at night knowing that Sanitation Specialists has your sanitation program audit ready while you focus on the core competencies of your business.


If you would like more information about how Sanitation Specialists can be your partner in food-processing plant sanitation, please contact us 
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