Sanitation Specialists

We are the innovators for this generation of food processing plant sanitation experts.


Since we have used Sanitation Specialists, we do not have to worry about the training and documentation of our sanitation program.  They brought in their turn-key system and provided us with the documentation we needed for our audits.” Owner

We were impressed with Sanitation Specialists dedication and the ownership they have taken with our sanitation operation.  Truly a unified partnership with a common goal of food safety and sanitation.” Director of Quality Assurance

We were able to realize a significant savings using Sanitation Specialists, but more importantly, it has allowed us to focus our resources on increasing productivity and improving product quality.” Packing Manager

Sanitation Specialists has greatly improved our sanitation programs. They are very knowledgeable about the chemistry of cleaning. You won't go wrong by contacting Sanitation Specialists for your sanitation programs in your food processing facilities.” Manager of Food Safety and Sanitation

A personal thank you for what could not be a better start to our partnership with Sanitation Specialists. Your organization is rock solid, your people are impressive.  I believe they are impressive as they follow their leadership; you guys run a very tight ship. Congratulations to you on an awesome show here.” Plant Manager

Knowledgeable, innovative and professional:  I highly recommend exploring this opportunity for your sanitation programs for a food processing facility.” Director of Food Safety and Quality Assurance

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to Sanitation Specialist for doing a wonderful job in particular during our last audit.  As you might be aware, we just went through a rigorous audit performed by SAI Global.  It is my pleasure to announce that there were no sanitation findings during this audit!  During the auditor's closing statement he mentioned how impressed he was on the sanitary condition of our plant and congratulated Gael of Sanitation Specialists personally.  This is a great achievement and should not go unnoticed.” Quality Assurance Manager

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